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Photo by Kendall Fowler

I have taught at Berklee College of Music, Club Passim School of Music, and the Concord Conservatory of Music. I am currently a Visiting Artist and Summer Programs Faculty at Berklee College of Music, and run a thriving guitar and banjo studio at the Cambridge Music Consortium (CMC). Over 10 years of experience as an instructor, I have taught thousands of guitar, banjo, and ensemble lessons.

Why study with me?

  • I love teaching!teaching is not just a way for me to pay the bills - it is my vocation. I am passionate about my work as a music educator, and love working with students of all ages and skill levels to further their joy and craft.

  • I am an award-winning practitioner - it is first and foremost my extensive performance and composition experience that makes me an effective educator. I practice what I preach, and bring wisdom from years of stage and studio experience into the classroom as I work with you.

  • I tailor my curriculum to fit your goals I work with each student to develop a personalized study plan. This unique, non-dogmatic approach allows me to make a genuine and meaningful connection with my students, and makes lessons fun and engaging. Whether you want to fingerpick like James Taylor, play your favorite Joni Mitchell song, or become a better jazz improvisor, I take the time to get to know you, and have the tools to meet you where you are. With my technical expertise and stylistic fluency, I am able to teach any style of popular music with ease. Pop, indie, rock, blues, Celtic? Your choice!

  • My approach is holistic - to make beautiful music, one must learn first how to become a deep listener, and how to play with ease. The mental and physical elements of playing are interconnected, and often neglected by inexperienced instructors. I strive to promote the development of listening skills, body awareness, and humor as invaluable tools on the path towards mastering a musical instrument.​ I challenge my students, but always to inspire and lift them up. I refrain from using negative language that creates a toxic environment, and combine learning by ear with formal tools such as sight reading and harmonic analysis.

I look forward to working with you! Please feel free to contact me at for more details, and to schedule an in-person or online lesson.

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