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The Catalan Mahzor Suite



The Catalan Mahzor (C. 1280), is a medieval Spanish Jewish manuscript. Through a remarkable use of micro-graphical illuminations, constructed from words of ancient Hebrew Psalms, the Mahzor weaves a story of spiritual redemption. According to scholarship, the Mahzor's historical route included Italy, Syria, Turkey, Germany, and the United States. Currently, it is housed at the National Library of Israel in Jerusalem. Mesmerized by the beauty and mystery of this outstanding manuscript, I created The Catalan Mahzor Suite (2023), a full-length immersive art performance combining music, dance, and visuals.

In creating this project I had the pleasure of collaborating with choreographer and dancer Rachel Linsky, and string player Beth Bahia Cohen.


The Catalan Mazhor Suite premiered at The Vilna Shul in Beacon Hill, MA in November 2023, as part of the Boston Festival of New Jewish Music. 

I began my work on the Catalan Mahzor Suite during a 2022-2023 JArts Boston and CJP Community Creative Fellowship.

A page from the Catalan Mahzor
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